Critics of casual player and dad

Hi! As a working dad I don’t have much time to play. So I don’t get some of the critics because my progress isn’t this big yet.

But as far as I have come, these things really grind my gears.

  1. Leveling, especially from 50 to 70 takes way too long.

  2. Dungeons seem to always give about as much Items (yellow, gems and rares) so that they fill the inventory or a bit more. Therefore that Yellow items still can be better than uniques and get „uniqued“ by imprinting aspects, you got to check every peace. There are way too many stats that feed your damage… Boy are there many… Why are there about one dozend categories of damage and damage modifiers? This is insane. Just give plus 2/3 for abilities, the elements , crit and speed and effected by anything.

  3. I know, I for myself spent hours playing Tetris in the inventory when in a dungeon to make space for another item, so I somehow get why every item takes two slots. But come on, those gems don’t need two slots, one is enough, or better just store them by the materials.

  4. Guys, we got 4 games now, one remake and this mobile abomination and you still start with not even a hand full of chestspaces? Just gimme those 10 spaces.

  5. If you stick with those endless possible stats on the items or not, come on just give me the overdose of statistics and information when comparing items, show that plus by damagebuckets and gems in the sockets.

Nice job though!

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hello dis is ze german forum

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