My sr are completely wrong


I played my season 18 placements. I was 1950 Dia tank, 2650 Plat dps, 2490 gold healer.
I did my first 5 games on the tank role and won 4 of them with some medals and quite good statistics.
AND I GOT PLACED GOLD!!! HOW I WAS DIAMOND even before beta season I ended up with mid Plat!
How can I get placed like that with 4 wins?!? That would be 200 points under.
I’m pretty sad right now because I need 2 years to climb to diamond and I don’t think I’m able to do it again.
If that don’t get fixed I quit this game
Makes no sense than

Whish you a great day and thank you


Bei deinem Thema handelt es sich nicht um ein Anliegen für den Tech-Support. Falls du das System hinter Ranked diskutieren möchtest, solltest du dich mit einem deutschen Beitrag an das #allgemeines wenden. Englisch ist hier möglich.