Бан который выдали за читы которых у меня никогда не было

Ребят, кого банили за то что вы фармите? Я просто уже 2 недели пытаюсь доказать поддержке что меня заблокировали за просто так, что мне делать что бы мою апелляцию рассмотрели и дали хотя бы какой то факт того где я и как нарушил


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Translated by Google:

Ban issued for cheats that I have never had

Guys, who got banned for farming? I’ve just been trying for 2 weeks to prove to the support that I was blocked for nothing, what should I do so that my appeal would be considered and given at least some fact of where I was and how I violated

The discussion of account sanctions is not allowed on the forums; see the Forum Code of Conduct (in Russian) .

There is some information on how to appeal an account ban here (you have probably seen this already):


You should have received an e-mail with the reason for the ban. Blizzard does not provide that type of details because that is exactly the type of information cheaters want. If you have been talking with Blizzard already, then you have already been told as much as they are willing to tell you.

If you feel your ban was in error, you can appeal. They won’t let you argue your side, but you can get another person to review the game logs/chat logs. You can even appeal the decision of your previous appeal(s)… until Blizzard tells you that the decision is final.

I hope this helps a little.

Okay, I’ll switch to English, my problem is that the answer is final, but it’s not correct, it’s just that cheats in Vova were never used and I was banned for them