‘failed to join’ on one character ( Diablo II )

about 36 hours ago one of my characters had a “failed to join” problem. This occured when creating and joining games.
However, on other characters ( on that account, and on another account that i play ), i can create and join games normally.

As far as i know, this means that the server thinks that my ‘bugged’ character is still inside a game.
Since it was a rather new char, i decided to delete it (today), and just make a new one, because i really want to use the same char name. This did not solve the issue - apparently the server still thinks that the character is in a game.

Is it possible that you manually do something to ‘unstuck’ my char? That would be a great help, since waiting did not solve the issue so far, and I would really like to play this weekend. Thanks in advance!

Acc Name: Zelakin
Char name: EF-SvS
Server: Europe (softcore ladder)

Hello TenmoFanboy,

If you’re still having this problem, please try resetting your password, it can help sometimes. Else, please contact our customer support.