1# Disconnect problems 2# Battleground matchmaking is worst i ever seen

Disconnects all the time no matter what im doing (vault,bg,farm).
Why in battleground to enemy side i got 2 players with 7 k and to my side paragon 132 level ? And that guy enter every single match what cause me to lose %75 of them.
Im gonna stop play that game after this.Its too much stress for me.I want enjoy from game where with that matchmaking system is not possible so my story ends here.


send him so, p2w gift cos he not pay enuf like you so i think he spending $ on life you dont heve

Same problems for the first time and havent solved
İ hope this will be solved

got the same problem today always when im doing keys. fiks this problem dang

Since 12/30/22 the game constantly disconnects. I have cleared cache, data, reinstalled, etc. Still can’t play the game without constant disconnects. I mean three or four times just for a vault run.

Sometimes switching connections can prompt it to recognize I can’t interact with the environment, sometimes I have to restart the game completely. There I am running around and can move through the enviroment, then realize I’m not killing or picking up anything.
Had to restart during BG twice. Got a warning I was “inactive”, then a penalty (rank points removed) for being “inactive”. Eventhough I clearly had the most kills/assists on my team and mvp.

This issue makes the game nearly unplayable and certainly not enjoyable. Took me 6 tries to complete a bounty yesterday. Kept “reconnecting” to find myself dead and having to start over. I don’t have any other internet issues with other games, etc. Just this game. If it can’t be fixed, I’ll have to quit. It’s that unplayable.

they should make 2 leagues on Battleground, one for pay2win players and one for f2p players, otherwise no balance can be done at all.

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