350 + ping when searching for a game

Warzone 350+ ping when searching for a game
when i try to search for a game i get 350+ping andit does not find a game, i downloaded this game yesterday and havent gotten to play any games. My internet is good on other games 20-40ping good speedtest and everything. Can it be that im shadow banned or something else? i just downloaded this game and havent ever played it.

Yes, 350 ping seems like a shadow ban.

The same thing is happening to me i cant find a game and its at 350 ms…
Ive never cheated on cod im really distressed… the new warzone was released and all the content ive paid for is basically gone… i had 30days+ of just warzone maybe 12 days of multiplayer and i was prestige 3 on cold war… Why would activision shadow ban us ?! and they dont even respond to emails or texts!

I have the same thing I haven’t been able to play for 5 days now keeps searching 350ms

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