A letter to Blizzard

On March 6, 2024, when I was playing your company’s World of Warcraft game on the Asian server battle network, my direct account was permanently blocked. Because the Asian server has insufficient staff all year round, it has always used AI management and detection. After my account was blocked, the Asian server After my account was blocked on Server Battle.net, the reason given for the blocking was a website and one sentence: “abuse of game mechanics.” However, after I appealed, they were unable to provide specific information on where I abused game mechanics or what third party I used. If it violates the procedures, my appeal will be directly rejected.
Now I send my complaint to your company:

  1. When your company revokes the right to use a player’s account or freezes it, it must first provide sufficient reasons, basis or evidence to convince the player, instead of just dismissing the player’s appeal in a casual sentence and causing the player to spend a lot of time and energy on the account. Not at all.
  2. Any game should first warn the player or temporarily block the player’s account if the player does not comply with the company’s game regulations, instead of permanently blocking the player’s account without warning.
  3. When the basis and evidence that is sufficient to convince the player to block the player’s account is given, according to the legal provisions of Taiwan, where the Asian server is located, “The use of cheats affects the fairness of the game. After the game operator is blocked, the contract will be terminated immediately, that is, the account will be blocked.” Then refund the unused game fees to consumers and the unused fees after recharging.》
    However, your company directly and permanently banned a player’s account without going through any of the above three points, causing a player’s hard work to be wasted, seriously infringing on a player’s own interests, and hurting a player who likes Blizzard games. I am not the only player who has reported this situation to me in the game. I hope the company can formalize this issue and give players a fair answer. Thank you.
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Ban discussions are not allowed on the forums. They don’t need to give a warning but they could. In case of cheating it is always an lenghty ban or permanent ban though.

Appealing bans is not considered a “court” where evidence is presented to the player. They usually only give a generalised reason so the player cannot avoid the ban next time.

If you feel your rights have been wronged you need to contact your legal consumer organisations to discuss your particular case. Since this concerns Taiwan and you’re posting at Europe this has no further bearing on the EU Ops.