Account banned falsely

I got banned permanent ban around 1month ago for unauthorized cheat programa/hacks which ofcourse i never used any hack or bot on my entire life , I know that anyone who gets banned says the same thing but its mostly true. Blizzard banning hundreds of accounts for same reason and they dont give you exact reason cuz they say someone who actually uses bots might benefit from it and they just expect everyone to agree for they have not done.
Ive posted several tickets and ofcourse they just send me same response that the ban was not unjust and they wont reverse the action.
There is no reason for me to use bot/hack on my main account which was created in 2014 and there is no program running on my pc except battlenet wow and discord.
I made a new account and it also got banned today for same reason , i just dont know any other way to prove that im not using any bot or hack and they dont give me any reason that maybe my addons or some spicific program triggers their bot detection system.
Lost my main account which i spent alot of time and money on it and now losing every account i make.
Im posting this that maybe some GM can look into the situation directly , ofcourse i made appeals but none of them worked. And its not just me having this problem i see hundreds of people getting banned falsely and there is not much that we can do.

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I got same issue but there is no helpful respond :frowning: lost 3 y.o account bcuz of something that i never did

No one on the community forums will have the ability to help you with an account penalty. You must use the appeal process through a ticket submission. If you have already done this and it has been upheld then it will not be overturned.