Account banned for using hacks but i never had any

I was banned for hacking. I didnt even play Overwatch for months…
A friend of mine said that i was online in Overwatch with some chinese guys but i said that wasnt me. Thats why i installed the Blizzard - Authenticator for now …

but now i get the message that “i” was using hacks …
What can i do ?


You could try to appeal the ban. If your appeal is successful, Blizzard should overturn the ban.


Use this link: and click on “Appeal penalty” to start the process.

Good luck with this.

I never used any hacks or bots. Never abused game rules. What are evidence in case of my ban. Report from other player cant be evidence. Someone dont like me, report and i got ban. Please check my case serious. I done nothing wrong. Played on my account houndreds of hours. Its not fair.

People need to know that can be banned anytime without any reason.
Now im not suspected for Hacking/Bots but for "An unauthorized third party program is defined as any third party software (including some Addons & any Input Broadcasting software) "

Why u just dont give up and say its mistake.

List of my addons to warn people
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)
Details! Damage Meter
RCLootCouncil Classic
Threat Plates

Good luck