Account hacked on 22/07/2021

My original account has been hacked, I received two emails on Thursday from Activision; one saying that my email has been changed and another that my password has been changed. I cannot submit a ticket as I used a different birthday for security reasons. Using this account I tried sending my old account a friend request which went through. The username is YungCocoPop#2938.

You are correct in your assumption here and the account is currently secured by us. You will need to reach out us using the “I’m hacked” or “I can’t log in” options on the Support site, and you can reach us through a ticket for the Support Team to recover the account to you.

This link should take you straight there:

Click on the Contact Us, then put in your original account email that you used to log in. You should be contacted within 24 hours usually once you’ve sent this ticket to us.

It asks me for a government issued ID and I cannot do that as I’m fairly sure I used a different date of birth for privacy reasons. Once I put in the original account email it simply says something along the lines of “Cannot find account email”. I made a new account using the same email address to see if I could link my activision or do something else so I think that option is a no-go.

That can be corrected, a Driver’s License or Passport is acceptable, or you can submit any file for now if you’re concerned. We may though require some form of identification to recover the account.

We have some information how to submit them to us here: