Account Hacked (Unique Situation) Need help

I tried logging in to Blizzard through my Email. It didn’t work, it said that the email does not exist and is not associated with any account.

This is were things get hasty. The hacker changed my email, which was >edited< (Im pretty sure you can check that information) to another email which I do not know and now I cannot log in.

Now heres the catch, when creating that account, (that was hacked), I did not type in my real name. Instead i typed in Techovex for the first name and HD for the last name. So by that regard I cannot use my passport to prove that it is me since I regretfully didn’t use my real name when making the account.

My account name and tag that was hacked is Techovex#2988.

This account that I’m using now is just an alternative account I had stored primarily for Hearthstone but I’m using it now to post this thread. I hope someone from the staff team can help me with this.

Hey there,

Please contact our support from this link, and let them know about the situation.

Additionally, please do not include personal details, like e-mails in your forum posts. You are setting your own account at risk in that way.


I clicked your link but it sent me to a “Try the Following” Secure your account. I have already checked there and it all leads to one part, which is the account validation with the ID check. But that will be irrelevant for me since I’ve already stated in my previous post that I didn’t type in my actual real name and last name in there, so by that regard they can’t check if that is actually me.

Where can I contact support by another way? How can i let them know about the situation with my problem I currently have?

This would be the information that you can provide in the ticket when contacting us, using the link above. While we cannot guarantee anything specific, by going through the steps and submitting the request, our Support Team can look into the specific situation for you.

Hello, I am extremely sorry for being late. I have used your link and submitted a ticket, but I haven’t received any response. I sent in my ticket on the 2nd of January but no luck yet.
And one other note, is someone using my hacked account right now? If there is, can you please lock my account forever until I gain access to it again.
Thank you, Tecc

Hey there!

I’m closing this thread as it’s a 6 month old thread being bumped, which we do not allow on these forums. If you’ve not yet received a response please make sure you’ve full access to the email you are using as a contact option and review the “Not Receiving Blizzard or emails” support article then get in touch again after.

Alternatively, and usually preferably, include a new and unused email address to recover your account on instead. If your account was compromised, your email account was likely as well.