Account might be hacked and "not found"

Greetings everyone,

i have a Problem regarding my account for Battlenet. Since Wednesday whenever i try to login with my linked Gmail-adress i get the error message that the account was not found. A few days before that i received three emails from Bilzzard that my email adress has been updated, an authenticator has been attached and in the thrid there was a notification about the change of my phone number, without me doing any of these changes myself… i belive that my account might have been hacked. I already wrote a ticket on thursday and got the answer that they need my ID-card or something similar and the answer to the secret question (first car). I answered to the email and didnt receive any information or message since then. Anyone knows how this problem can be solved in the next few days? I got a few raids and dungeons to do with my guild. Maybe there is a chance to have a live chat with the customer support as this problem migt be pretty complicated to resolve solely via tickets.

Best regards

These are the Classic Games Tech Support forums. You’ve also already received a response to your inquiry, so if you have further questions you can reopen the ticket.