Account Stolen Lazy support

When i´m going to get some support here???


you won’t get any support mate there is none except when it comes to banning us from forums because they don’t like anyone telling the truth about this whole franchise


Same thing here its been weeks but they don’t do anything I’m using this alt account but nothing. All I got was a form with questions that I filled out weeks ago and nothing eversince.


what was it you needed help with?

Well they managed to give the account back but they perma banned my overwatch account and banned others. They left the hackers authenticator on and now I still can’t access the account like legitimately I have no clue how the hacker added an authenticator but the fact that I got the account back just so that it gets immediately taken away is ridiculous. I’m trying to contact them for weeks now explaining everything but they keep sending an automated message that I broke their EULA and they are still not giving my account back while. Just right before the overwatch 2 release…