Account suspended or banned?

Hello guys,

I`ve got banned/suspended on my other account PhysX#21975 (cant post new topic from that account - cuz its banned lol…)

I didnt get any info why or what i did to get ban or suspended. Many people report our clan cuz we are in top 3. My leader and me as officer cant play anymore or help our mates.

I was in vault as an Immortal and after successful quadra kill got disconnect and got message with “your account has been suspended or banned” Why i didn’t get any info by mail? What did i do wrong?

Here is video of that: Get banned after QUADRAKILL in Vault lol :smiley: - YouTube 1 - watch?v=PW5YGdBvU_8

As an officer in one of the three top clans cant do nothing now.
We got some messages, that our clan “Lootea Squad” in server “Arreat Summit” were reported by other clans to get us down.Jealousy jellyfishes.

What a great service for paying players.

PhysX, Officer of Lootea Squad, Arreat Summit.


We do not discuss account actions on the Forums. All information on suspensions and bans in Diablo: Immortal can be found here.