AFK cheating everywhere

Blizzard, do something about all these people AFK grinding paragon levels at night using scripts/a spoon.

Is there not a single GM in this game?

I have 5 minutes of uncut video footage of people doing this that I’m happy to send to someone.

Unless they get mass reported they won’t get banned. I’ve seen the same people doing it for the past week and I’ve reported them every time yet they’re still not banned.


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please act very quickly and ban people, otherwise a lot of normal players will quit and the game will be populated by cancer people…

blizzard, are you here ?

LOL, I got banned forever, I don’t even know that is cheating, I was using my razer mouse macro to stand there and throw some skills. This is a Diablo looting game, I don’t know why you guys are so serious about this, for me, it’s like the diablo3, but can play on the phone, I didn’t break or change the balance, when I was 30 the sever level is 42, the AFK grinding doesn’t have that much advantage. This is a pay to win game, AFK grinding won’t change that.