After leaving a Dark Clan, you must wait before joining a new one

Really, Why?

Just curious why you’d put that sort of silly timer (aparently it’s 12hrs) can’t find any Blizz Info anywhere though, WP.

UPDATE: It is a 12 hour WAIT before you can apply to another Dark Clan (prolly same for Immortal too).


Seems pretty restrictive to me as well. I just did it because it booted me out of my waiting to convert guild when I applied for others.

Now they’ve converted and I want to go back, and I’m just waiting.


I just got kicked from a rank 10 dark clan because I hadn’t hit level 60 yet. When accepting me last night I was level 52 and they gave me until this Thursday (June 9) to reach that level…lol how absurd anyways. They kicked me and now I cant even join a clan for who knows how long.

Did you join a new one now?
how long does it take?

It’s 12 hours since leaving (or being kicked) before you can apply to another Dark Clan.

It DOES seem restrictive. My scenario is that I joined a clan that had 50+ members. After a few days, it had dropped to ~25 because no one was ever online. I understand the notion of discouraging flakiness in clan membership, but if you don’t get into one of the top clans, then you’re basically stuck in a clan that someone made to complete a quest. I think a better alternative is removing the wait to join a new clan and replacing it with a 2-day period when you can NOT leave a clan you’ve joined.

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This is the exact reason.
If there wasn’t a cooldown, everyone would be dropping clans to try and get into Shadow and Immortal Clans the moment an opening became available

I just left the clan i was in and tried to join or apply to join another one when it flashed up on the scree stating that i had to wait which I absolutely agree with and don’t mind doing so but some where in that real fast notice that they have they need to put in the amount of time so we know

I get kicked from a Clan and I still need to wait 12 hours before join a new one, that’s so dumb

Yeh i had the issue when suddenly my clan turned shadow and i was suddenly kicked (probably auto since i wasn’t shadow than). I had to wait idk how long back than before rejoining after i made shadow q… And if wanna swap clan to join my friend i’ll have another half a day lost you say… great…

If I leave my dark clan and join a new one, does my shadow rank carry over or it resets?

this is so stupid, especially with how the whole shadow system works. my clan pretty much fell apart after the reset. either majority of people haven’t logged in since the first week of launch or they just left after they realize how the shadow system works. the clan leader also isn’t really doing anything to keep members active or interested. i ended up leaving since the clan isn’t going anywhere and now i’m penalized for that…

no it doesn’t. i left mine and my rank is still the same.

Just left a dark house because I was invited to join an immortal clan. Does anyone know if I will be able to after the 12hrs? Or am I literally stuck as a shadow for the entire cycle

Have u managed to join immortals? I have same issue and after 24hours Im still stuck to shadow.