An old follower to all Blizzard

Hi Blizzard, hope you will read my message. I’m an italian and i’m 34 years old. Is long time i following you since the first games like the lost vikings, Diablo, warcraft orcs and humans and till now i still play to your games with passion. I just write to tell surely is not a good moment for you all, because many players complaints many many things. Is in human nature to complaint everything, especially in their activities during free time. I just write to let you know, i know that your is an hard work, to let player have fun in a world in costant changing about free time, technologies and way to play, but the most important thing is the passion, until you have passion, and not that passion you show on blizzcon maybe, and not the passion you show from photoes of the offices of Blizzard, but i mean the passion you have inside. Blizzard is not money, Blizzard is not only shows and E Sports, Blizzard is a lighthouse, that light in the life of everyone, because every pc gamer have tried blizzard one time in his life and that passion must be preserved. I’m not a pvp player or an arena player, i hate challenges against other people and i do not pay to win in phone games, i play with your games during free time for relaxing and it helps really much, i love your stories, your worlds, i grown up with the heroes and villains of warcraft, the horror of diablo and the war of starcraft. My message is for everyone who still has passion for videogames, not as a customer, but as player and i just say thank you all, because till now, even if people will hate me for this long message, i just say, thank you for your work. Continue in the way of true passion for your work and everything will be good. “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”. From George Bernard Shaw

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Hi I am also an italian guy. I like Starcraft and I have it in 1997. I was thinking… why strategy game should not play future climate crises, taking examples on more cruel real situations. The “trinity” of zerg, protoss and terran have certain link with ecology, could be a starcraft 3, a prequel?
I think that strategical simulation could develpo mankind. So keep us lucid dreaming.

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