Arenas Rating - Drop Rating for Inactive Players

Simply stated, given that we’re about to see a new patch, I thought would make sense to revisit the same old topic: static arena rating.

The issue that we’ve seen in cataclysm and in this first season of SL, derives from the fact that Blizzard has nerfed 3v3 mmr to match 2v2 and RBGs bracket (solving it later, but too late), and that basically led to literally all high rated players stop playing their main chars and teams.

This, as consequence, has led to a concentration of strong players at the lower rating levels, and has, of course, fostered more boosting services.

For months, the best players have not touched their accounts in 3v3, they are sitting on top of the ladder since February '21, and have zero reasons to play.

Therefore, the clear solution is to emulate what RIOT does in League of Legends. We need to create an obligation for top rated players to active, to maintain their Rank 1 ambition. You shouldn’t be able to obtain rank 1 if you get like 3k rating in the first month, and then you do not play the season anymore.

That incentive is to make it mandatory for them to play a certain amount of games every week, as an example, to avoid having their rating decreased automatically.

I’m 100% sure we will see this issue solved, even if Blizzard tries to nerf mmr to level it across brackets.

Hope this can help Blizzard moving forward, think it’s something relatively straightforward that will help addressing some issues we currently have in the pvp scene.