Aspirant's Key not staking in inventory

As title, see screenshot. If 99 is max stacking, the other two slots should be 74 keys on one single slot.

Playing on PC

You should be posting that in the Diablo Immortal Bug Report forum; there is a somewhat related post here:

That post is now locked due to its age, so you will need to start a new one if you think it’s a bug.

This forum here is for technical support – support for issues that prevent you from installing/upgrading, launching, staying connected to DI or crashes.

In-game issues should be reported in DI Bug Report… not here.

Thank you but that is US forum. Since its missing the BUG forum here we need to post on the technical issue one.
Gonna post there too, didn’t know i could login with same account-

Nope - you’re wrong.

All the games are organized that way…except WoW, because you need to have a lvl 10 hero on America to post there.

Blizzard even has a Support article on it… here:

And if you search the posts in this forum, you can even find some where Blizzard Customer Support are referring players to the Bug Report forum… such as this one:

Cheers !

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