Authenticator locked me out of my account

Hello there! Overwatch 2 is releasing in about a week and I’ve been locked out of my account because the authenticator won’t work properly. I am typing this from my WoW account, and it’s the other account that is locked, the one with all my other games including Overwatch.

So essentially, what has happened I’m assuming is, that since I had an authenticator on my WoW account first, when I tried to add an authenticator to my Overwatch account too, it must’ve bugged out. I could only log in on my WoW account with my authenticator through my phone, and whenever I tried to log in on my Overwatch account it doesn’t show up on the phone, it’s almost like that account is connected to a phone that doesn’t exist. And now I can’t even log in to disable the authenticator, and the self service has been to no help.

I’ve tried removing the phone number and authenticator from my WoW account but it didn’t help. Average ticket time says its more than 10 days and I can’t wait that long…

Is there anyone out there who has had the same problem?

Yes! Big YES!

I’ve tried for 2 days now. I have similar problem myself.
I can’t use the Authenticator because it’s locked onto my main account.
My phone is locked on some other account I forgot existed. And to play OW2, it is extremely and most utterly of importance that you must have a phone and a phone number (Insert, you guys don’t have phones? joke here… ).

I don’t have the password for that second account, and I can’t use my authenticator. So my phone number is locked inside that account. There is absolutely no way I can remove my own phone number from that second account and switch it to my main account.

Where did the old recover with email solution go? And don’t tell me it exist for this type of problem. Because I’ve read and looked through every corner in your massive trouble shooting ACTIVISION “Blizzard”. This require a development team, nothing a customer can solve on their own.

Sometimes I wonder what people at your company get’s paid for. Clearly, every problem your customer have nowadays is something we ourselves have to solve. And if we can’t? Well, loop around again and try the same thing again for the 10th time until it never works.

It’s almost like someone has to hack themselves into your database and give themselves administration/development rights just to solve something so simple.
As for example, email recovery system that existed for decades.

And yes, the caps on Activision was intentional, and we all know why.

Thank you for nothing so far Activision. And stay strong Blizzard wherever you are.

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