Ban the bots / macro farmers!!

WOW! Seriously, everywhere people are just sat, spamming abilities or using them on cooldown, stood still for hours on end… and not a single person or GM has banned them.

Libray of Zoltun Kulle is where most of them are.

And I thought, seeing 5 or 6 in Hell 2 was bad, oh boy was I wrong!

Hell 1 Library on my Alt, got a quest to kill mobs in there… hows about 7 AFK People in the room spamming abilities with bots/clickers and then in the corridor BANG! another 6? WTH?

LIKE HELLO, is ANYONE doing anything about this in the GAME?

As if PAY TO WIN wasn’t bad enough you’re letting people AFK grind using macros or bots… get a FKIN GRIP BLIZZARD!


Blizzard, please act very quickly and ban people, otherwise a lot of normal players will quit and the game will be populated by cancer people…


yeah so many bots in game, he is right


Agreed 1000% over all these accounts need to be banned 3rd party software in games, Blizzard need sort this and quick. You dont see autoclicker in WOW why is it fine in D.I

blizzard, are you here ???

blizzard dont give a shit about this. the players are paying costumers so if they are banned they will stop contribute. f2p players are always the losers.

the worst part about this is that unless you do the same, you’re gonna fall behind.

don’t get me wrong, i abhorre this practice, and i have reported people doing it and i get in-game mail saying action has been taken, yet the same night (today) i go back to the library and its still full of people using macro bots etc. to auto farm the mobs there, some of them were the people i reported.

so what i can extrapolate from this is that:

  1. blizzard lied to me when they said they took action against them.
  2. blizzard is not being proactive at all when it comes to hammering down on this cheating.
  3. i WILL do the same until blizzard starts taking action, otherwise there is no way to keep up with the top dogs.

so nice job blizzard, your inaction is turning more people towards this practice day by day simply as a means to keep up with cheaters that do this.
i don’t care if they use a spoon, a bot, or a toothpick to wedge their keyboard buttons down, action should be taken against each and every player doing this, including me.
at least i’ll know blizzard actually did something when i try logging on one day only to find that i’ve been banned for like 2 days or whatever weak punishment they’re going to dish out for it.