Barbarian issues

Hello, as I am playing barb, i recognized 2 issues - one minor, and one thats making me crazy.
At the essence transfer NPC, the new legendary item “Oncoming Brutality” has the incorrect picture that shows different legendary item - nothing of the existing ones, but different than “Oncoming Brutality” while equipped in inventory.
I am using Grab skill with “the Hewer” in pvp. I like the skill i am using. However i recognize, that when someone interrupts my “Grab” once i get control again, sometimes i am unable to move at all! This lasts until i use “Grab” again. Then my movement is avaiable again. Super annoying makes me die a lot without a chance to move…
Besides that skill is often “highlighted” when interrupted while use. So even tho the icon looks “avaiable” i cannot use “grab” for another several seconds because it is on cooldown, but again, the icon indicates that it is ready to use. I suppose its because of multi-step movement, but the skill with “the Hewer” is definetely busted. Please fix it.