Battleground Que Exploit running rampart

at this point it seems to be a public secret that one can “control” the outcome of his battleground and ranking up.

If an individual presses the “ready” button on a Battleground pop up, and notices he is in the upper row, it means he is on the defense team. As everyone who is on Legend+ rank, knows defense means close to auto-win.

The advantage is so big, that current top rank queues look like this:

Que for battleground > have it pop up > people accept slowly to see where they at > and then someone cancels, because they don’t want to be on an attack team.

Yes, you can win an attack, but more likely than not, you won’t. And that is where those 90% win ratios are coming from. There are exceptions, but then again, they only confirm the rule.

Currently, everyone knows about this, and the result is usually 1 game per 30 minutes. Not to mention, that even if you “give up” and don’t care if you are offense or defense, there is always someone else who cares and will cancel the que. Resulting in very toxic experience.

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