account banned for no reason

my account got banned ( BLZBNTTAS00000006 ), but the reason from blizzard is very illogical. 3 account banned in the same time and day. i dont know how to get back my account back again, i alrdy try send ticket 3-5 ( June, 11th 2022 ) times but no respond from blizzard unti now. The same guild friends were also banned for a reason BLZBNTTAS00000006 , but the reasons they give are intentionally made up / not according to facts. The first time my friend send ticket, they said account maybe someone infiltrated. Second after i recieved my ticket , they reason like accusing us of being toxic, a scam in ingame, after that my friend ticket they don’t respond anymore. *FYI : in my case I just registered and bought dpp about 1 month, i use mage level 60+ and still leveling by doing quests on several maps. How can i do something stupid like blizzard mentioned. i use alt blizzard account for forum :). I hope blizzard can respond my ticket.


We are not able to discuss or review account actions via the forums. If you have already submitted an appeal ticket to our Support Team, they will be able to review the action taken and get back to you from there.