launcher not working?

Anyone else having the same problem?


Same for me. Can’t log into launcher.


Same here. opens only in my desktop bar, though it won’t show the app. Tried to log in wow and instantly disconnects.

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Yes my launcher doesnt even open
i dont know what is happening

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J’ai le même problème

Yes, I can’t log in either (Region Europe)


oh mano o meu tambem n abre nao sei o q se passa mas quer dizer um gajo a querer jogar um codzinho e nem sequer pode… quer dizer nao e…

You are not alone. Got kicked from online services in MW 10 minutes ago. At first the app didn’t load the main windows, only the system tray icon even after reboot. After re-intsalling the app I now get get “Could not log into”. I have friends that remain online however. Most bizarre.

Also on Europe region like others report.


What is going on? Does it open for anybody?

wont open for me or my friends

i got kicked too. we are together bro

seems like i can change region to US and it’s working, but Europe server is down

Same, Ireland, region europe, uninstalled launcher and reinstalled, getting error code
Tried different region and no luck, now trying to reconnect every 60 seconds

Welcome to blizzard, errors like this has been around since the release of World Of Warcraft.

Time to get some sleep I suppose :slight_smile:

Same thing happened to me. Suddenly crashed from wow, just stating connection error xx. Battlenet is still open, but it wont let me connect to any blizzard games. I still see some of my friends playing. So I try closing the re-launching the launcher but it wont open again.

This sucks! sort it out Blizzard!

You have been disconnected. (BLZ51901016)

^ when I try to log in to Wow classic EU

These guys cant manage a server…

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Uk, Europe. Same issue. Does not connect, but no notice from Customer Support.