Bestiary - duplicates!

I see a huge problem with Bestiary entries duplicating on a frightening rate with completiton at about 30% (30-34/104)!
For a first week it was fine and dandy no duplicates so it made me belive it’s gonna keep up as that until its done… But 5 days ago it suddenly changed 2 days in a row i had only 1 of 3 as viable entry and the rest duplicates, next 2 days 1 duplicate, and now again back to 1 entry 2 duplicates! So it’s a mechanism that makes completition of Bestiary artificially strech to 2-3 months (unless it’s gonna drop to 0/3 entries later on) of daily grinding mobs for essence!
Is this a bug for it to duplicate so often when book is so far from completion? I can get that statistically it can be around 30% chance at this moment but on 3 out of 5 tries odds were at 66% so it makes it way higher than set probability.
Is there a chance to make entries not repeat that often before book is finished or uncap daily entries (outside of entry rewards actually are same over daily limit of 3)?

P.S. I’ll continue monitoring rates daily to be able to make more efficient probability model.

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I’ve also noticed this same increase of duplicates at the same bestiary progress level. Highly annoying and duplicate page gives a few extra coin… garbage.