Blizzard, laziness, bugs and...god...this support

I am a lucky person. Really. I had no problems with Blizzard and BNet up to 2020. And it is actually a good result. I have not witnessed any bugs with launcher and no problems with games. But When I faced all problems myself - god, what a shame on a $$$ company!
Firstly, in 2020 I found a bug, named “Too many attempts” - I was really confused as it was my first time I faced it and I was so sure that the description of error is a lie, because I never forget my password and always input correctly at the first try. But, I thought myself: “Well, idk whats that, but ok, probably some bug or something” and bug that was indeed. I remember these moments very clearly. I tried to login again after like 3 hours and when I’ve had the same error, I started panic: “Perhaps, I have been hacked, or something? Someone has my gmail and spams login?” - these were my thoughts. But eventually, day or two after that, I had it fixed.
Then a new bug came out - an infinite loss to play EU servers. Really. I could join US server and play there easily, but I just couldn’t connect to EU. It was saying connection problems although I live in EU! So I just stuck in SC2 login interface where my information strings were infinitely downloading. When I faced it, I was really angry. Why can I play US but I can not play EU and there were no updates or anything? So I started my investigation and found a lot of people with same problem, as in EU so in US (they had same problem but they couldn’t connect US instead).
And as it happened to aknowledge, they had these bug since like very beggining of BNET launcher. Which just left me with a question, is that really such a big problem that $$$ one of the biggest game companies that were beloved for so many years can not deal with that? Of course not. So what keeps them form solving all of it? Nothing but laziness comes to my mind and out of it comes the next problem which is just pissin my off so hard, I am really mad about it. I barely ever posted anything just anywhere because I am pretty patient person and I know they have their own problems. But I paid for games I play and I want my right to play them ever since I paid for them to be respected.
So I have this too many attempts bug again and I waited literally for days to have it solved. I am really annoyed with all these bugs I faced for 3 years now and I am not to keep silence anymore. I tried to contact support and whoever ever tried to do that knows how painful it is. So, I can not login my account neither in BNet or Browser so I can not contact support anyhow. All support that there is for those, who is not logined is a posts with SOLUTIONS that ARE NOT WORKING! Why?! Just why?! $$$Company has too few points spent in their intelligence stats to firstly face the problem themselves, solve these problems and only after that giving advices?! For bugs that are there for years?! How is it possible! I am out of my uncensored vocabulary to describe all my hatred and confusion to this company right now.
Now I am here with reported problem in Tickets because I still can not login my BNet and actually PLAY games I PAID FOR. But I could login browser account using VPN. I have no VPN installed on my PC so I can not actually use it and I do not wish to pay for subscription VPN to play games with high PING because blizzard just denied my gaming experience. Beforehand I should say that I tried EVERY possible adviced solution that EVERYONE has EVER posted in ANY forum but it is still not working. For one thing I am sure 100% - TOO MANY ATTEMPTS error is not actually occured because of TOO MANY ATTEMPTS have been made.


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