Blizzard should make a survival game

Blizzard should make a survival game that beats Ark, Rust and Conan Exiles… there is a such a huuuge playerbase and we need a better survival game!
I would say Blizzard is the right company to do this :slight_smile:
Who aggrees?

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I mean there’s a number of settings they could look at that would make this interesting but its almost a new engine build for them. They don’t really encourage modding so its difficult for the player base to be the ones to come up with a powerful side project that catches the dev’s attention. Not that all of the mentioned games came from that source.
But there’ve been so many other developers in the field of Survival games that it may not be in their best interest.

Would they go with one of their known settings? Or create something new? there’s a lot of directions that this could go, if it caught their attention