Bruisers in Booty bay are drunken so every body is killing each other in the base

One of the worst events i’ve seen whoever came up with teh idea isn’t very smart. What’s the point of enabling free for all pvp in a city where you have to turn in quests and buy items and don’t even be like ‘‘well just kill them then’’ because there are like 15 of them and i don’t feel like forming a group just for killing some enemy players so i can turn in my quests and then get new ones. SO BAD


This forum is to provide feedback and make suggestions on the Battle.Net Desktop App; for feedback on a specific game, use the forums for that game.

It looks as if your comment is for World of Warcraft; if so, you will want to review:

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There is no Rumble feedback forum


Warcraft Rumble is setup separately from WoW… and organized differently.   :roll_eyes:

The Rumble forums are for technical support and bug report. Discussion is on X or through Discord… see details here:

Rumble EU forums:

Rumble Bug Report forum (on Americas & SEA region):

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Booty Bay is not a sanctuary and hasn’t ever been.

Ever since Classic you could PVP in it, turn in quests and get ganked while buying/selling items. There is no difference during this event.

For constructive feedback follow Boubou’s link on where to submit it.

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