Call of duty after update of 30gb latancy 900+ and fps 20

After the 30gb update my LEGION GAMING LAPTOP the game call of duty warzone lagged and fps dropped to 20 and latancy shot to 900 plus. I re installed the game and still the same problem. But there were two patches and istalled it and it sorted out latancy issues but still the moment you start shooting the fps drops to 3!!! so please what is the problem here. my internet is 20mps download and upload is 12 mps. i run i5 9th generation intell and have a massive gamimg graphics card with 8gb ram which i am upgrading to 16gb. Please advice what will the future look like with this game and is there any advice you can help me with. Thank you

Kind Regards
Michiel Pretorius

Hello MaximusGTR37,

This is the classic games Tech support forum (Diablo II, Starcraft, etc…) For any post-installation issue with the Activision games (Black Ops 4, Modern Warfare/Warzone) you need to contact the Activision support.