Can’t connect on Diablo immortal

hello it is impossible for me to connect since I installed diablo immortal on my iphone it remains blocked on the display it is written in French “Connection to…” is its remains frozen on its I attach a screen is I don’t know if it can help but it’s since I installed IOS Beta 17 what can I do so that I can access it? thank you.

Same issue, iOS 17 iPhone 14 pm.

This is what blizzard support told me:

“Sadly Beta operating systems are not supported, which is why for issues that only happen on a Beta OS, we can only recommend reverting to a released OS.”

It’s a bummer because I’ve spent money in this game.

It’s been over 3 weeks since the issue started, I hope they fix it for the final iOS release.

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Having the same issue, I was hoping that iOS 17 beta 8 would fix it, but obviously it’s problem on Blizzards end not Apple

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This is so weird to see that blizzard is version locking iOS.

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