Can very old CPU and MB run D2R

I got at friend that wants to get back to playing d2 and is looking at playing d2r. However he does not wish to buy a pc and i so happen to have an old one that i just recently repaired for the fun of it.

Will the following be able to run d2r

Motherboard - Asus P5Q
CPU - Q9550
GPU - GTX 980 (Assuming it can run in the setup, have´nt gotten around to fix a new PSU to try).

I realize that there is a massive bottleneck on the CPU and the question whether the 980 will even run within this setup is there.

An odd question i hope to get answered. Have´nt found anything researching quite naturally :D.

Hi… some stuff:

Benchmark comparison between Intel Core2 Q550 and Intel Core i3-3220:

Benchmark comparison between nVidia GTX 980 vs GTX 660:

It doesn’t look like the Q9550 meets the minimum requirements. I would be very, very careful about buying D2R… even if you manage to get it working, it may not be a pleasant experience.

The GTX 980 beats the crap out of the nVidia GTX 660 and is better than the recommended GTX 1060 in several aspects… if you can get it to work.

I hope this helps.

Many thx for the reply. Naturally i have looked at the minimum, but wonder if it would still be possible anyways. I could imagine that they might block even starting the game with the CPU/MB. D2R blocked the 260 GTX, thats currently in the system, because of graphics compatibility issues, which was no surprise off course hehe.

We will see if somebody in here has some experience with the old asus MB/CPU´s with higher graphics cards.

Thanks very much again ;).

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The thing with minimum requirements, is that raw performance isn’t always the determining factor. Feature set is another big one. Theoretically, you could have one CPU that’s 2x the raw performance of a low-end one from a newer generation that’s listed as supported, but if it the older one is lacking a feature the game uses, it still won’t run.

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It makes sense and was what i was thinking might be an issue rarter than performance. The GTX 980 alone would bring up the perfomance enough to make it playable if the game could load and some overclocking would probably help.

I will take your comment as a “no it is not possible”.

Thx for your reply.

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