Can you provide answers related to the Ow2?

You’ve made promise to be more transparent and communicative with the community yet you are unable to offer us necessary information about the Overwatch 2.

  1. You make a 40€ Watch point pack that includes Overwatch Legendary Edition. Why you don’t offer a discount for the people who already have the Overwatch Legendary Edition?

  2. There’s no information about battle pass model, how much it’s going to cost?
    You mention Premium Battle pass. What’s the difference between Premium battle Pass and non-Premium battle pass.
    And is the Battle pass going to require grinding, because most people don’t like to pay money to grind. Either you pay and get the goods or you grind and get the goods without paying.

  3. No info about converting Overwatch 1 lootboxes, currency and competitive points?

  4. No info about how much 2000 Overwatch® 2 Virtual Currency is supposed to be worth. Is it worth anything?

  5. Are the two Legendary Hero Skins available for the rest of the community who think that 40€ is too steep of price just for guaranteed beta access and some unclear vague benefits?

  6. You mention in the Watchpoint pack description: “an early purchase exclusive Overwatch® 2 Player Icon.”
    Does this mean that you don’t have to pay for the Overwatch 2 PvE separately? Or you just make a purchase for two skins and some currency which counts as a purchase withing the ow2 game, but you still have to purchase the actual PvE game separately?

Please provide us with relevant information before making vague 40€ packs.