Cant get on my account

I am currently logged in on my old account to post as i cannot send in any more support tickets.
I have provided blizzard with 2 gov IDs and they have repsonsed asking for more info. But when i click link to provide more info it says login well i cant login thats why i created the ticket as when i enter my user and pass it asks for the auth. i NO longer have the phone with the auth as i lost it. I do have access to the accounts attached email and i know the correct user and pass to this account also just not the auth. How can i attach more info to my ticket when i cant lgoin because of auth. i NOW cant send in any more tickets.

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Hey Jbanx,

It’s not required to login to an account to be able to submit a ticket. You can also submit tickets without logging in, which is done by selecting that option when prompted for an actual login.

Removing an authenticator has some requirements that you can read about here.