Can't get OWL Tokens in an eligible country

Hello, I moved from Portugal (non-eligible) to Spain (eligible) over 4 months ago.
Last month I managed to change my account location to Spain and I’m still not getting rewarded OWL Tokens.
I watched over 20 hours during May melee tournament and summer showdown, either on OWL website (opera browser) and OWL app. I made sure no ads, pop-ups or trackers are blocked.
Is there anything more I can do on my end? I’d like to know what the problem seems to be and if there’s a way to fix it.
Thank you

Heya o/

As you have done a country change, it might be that it hasnt been picked up. Clear the cache / cookies of the browser you are using and that should hopefully refresh things for next weekends matches. If not, you may be affected by a current bug that we have at the moment which is being looked into and sorted.