Can't play the game due to no input

I am still being plagued by this bug that makes it so I can’t cast spells or use potions or pick up items or use quest items which completely negates me from being able to play the game this is the 4th day in a row this bug still has not been fixed and blizzard provides no comment on such a ground breaking bug that affects so many PC players from not being able to play the game at all! This is amateur’s hour apparently at blizzard such a massive game breaking bug got past your dev team somehow or you knew about the bug and put the game out anyway, and yet even when a massive amount of players report this bug you not only don’t fix it for days on end but don’t even acknowledge it and give us any updates, what is this your first game? wait no even the original diablo back in 1997 wouldn’t do this! So much for being the biggest and best in the game industry after 31 years of producing games and this is the bull sheet you provide us after months of hype? well done but we expect better. Cya when diablo 4 releases hopefully its not a joke in the opening week that will be your last chance for me at least!

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Having the exact same trouble. Seems to be a PC specific issue, played it for a while on my phone with a controller & it was fine.

I also have this issue - my character stops all attacks, I also notice that when I try anything it shows a small red x (cancel) icon, as if a channel attack or something is stuck, thus blocking any attacks, yet the character moves without issue.

It is very frustrating, and for some it can be an outright dealbreaker.

What could be the cause of this?

Ya im having the same issue. This issue started two days ago. Its always in the worst time. Like on the boss at the end of the dungeon. Or on i high graphical time. I will look into this more to find the root issue. Looks like no devs have replied since the original post 22 days ago. I will update if i find the issue.

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