Can't play Warzone without buying MW

My account has my phone number, yet it says that the number is already being used. The account that’s supposedly using the number is deleted. Error is BLZBNTBGS00004666. If someone could help me, please.


The only help we can provide is information. Account issues cannot be resolved on the forums… to protect your account and your privacy. You will need to contact Blizzard with a ticket; you can use this link to start the process:

You will need to provide details of the changes that you wish to make as well as the issue you are encountering.


To delete your Battle.Net account, you need to contact Blizzard Support and request that the account be deleted. Have you done that ? There is some information on that process here:

Best of luck with this.

Hey there Leoooo,

Blizzard does not provide support for Activison games. Please contact Activision at https://support.activision. com for more ifnormation.