Char Rolled back + blizzard scammed me

whats going on here? i lost my whole gear i traded yday and lost about 5 lvls?? blizzard what you doing man? bots are still running, and legit ppl gets destroyed?
i was lvl 89,6 yday on my classic hc din (banani) when i went sleep, now hes 85 again and wear all stuff i had on him like 3 days ago?
now i have a duped pair of boots on my pala, congratulations blizzard youre absoluty… unbelievable…
So you will fix your failes and give me back me lvls and items you STOLE from me?


Ohhh hello Banani nice to see legit players

Duped boots? might aswell give them out to the botters help them with run walk speed…

BLIZZARD Won’t answer you mate

I’ve been waiting 30mins no reply…

Shocking service

Diablo used be a big power house brand and logo within the gaming world now it’s a bot

BUT least we have phones right?

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Multi million dollar company. thats all what i can say right now. its a shame

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its poor i think we should play another game like PoE

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another legit player here 20 years same cdkey only one account. i joined today to make my enigma and i dont have any hrs neither the armor to put them. spent 5 spirit packs yesterday and the shield is like first time but i dont have the runes. taded a cta6 for a ber yesterday i dont have the ber i dont have the cta but i have the alibaba that i droppoed in that game. if its not fixed i wont play bnet again.


I’m up for POE wezman when we start?