Character customization bug

So I made some changes that I didnt like at all so I closed the window there or declined.
After that I started it over again just get new haircut cuz my previous face was ok but instead I was having the face I did before and my previous one by opening inventory or opening from my avatar they were different in both places. So I decided to leave the game and rejoin. Both changes I made (1 was face that I didnt want and the another was just haircut) stayed on top of another.

My actual before changes was there in barber when I was getting new haircut. But after rejoining the other face I did without saving stayed.
Now waiting 6 days to redo everything again.

Sadly it doesnt stuck. I have changed my char twice, hair colour, eyes, tatoo, type of hair - it doesnt stuck. Two weeks of trying and it still looks the same. Last time I even did my hair blue just to test… but no - my char still has black hair. :wink: I don’t know why they even bothered to have the feature when it doesn’t work.

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