Character Migration - Delete mail in mailbox

Hey i want to character migration from Gehennas to Ashbringer because of the long queue.

But i can’t because my character has a mail in the mailbox can we do something so i don’t have to wait 325 minutes to get into my character just to delete a mail?

Character Name: Lungaz

From: Gehennas

To: Ashbringer

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i have the same problem …

I even deleted all my mails ingame last night so i could transfer today after i come home from work… now it says i have mail or captain of an arena team (i never play arena)

please purge my mail so can pay for my transfer…


I’ve got the same problem. I’m trying to transfer my character Megadudu from Golemagg to Ashbringer.

Every time I attempt to do the transfer, I get the same error message ‘please clear the mail from this character’s mailbox.’

I have. And I have checked that my mailbox is empty multiple times. There is nothing in it. Zero mails. Nada. Nichts. No active auctions either. Nor am I the captain of an arena team. Nothing to prevent this transfer from going through. However, it’s still not possible.

I guess a possible solution would be to wait for 30 days and the mail I cannot see should disappear by itself, however, this doesn’t seem very fair to me. After all, we all pay for our game time and we would like to spend it in an enjoyable way.

I’ve also raised a ticket about this issue, however, the current average response time is 12 days and several hours. While this does sound better than waiting for 30 days, it still falls short of my expectation of enjoyable game experience.

If anybody could have a look at my mailbox and have it purged, that would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively, I’d be happy with some instructions how to do this on my own. I’ve had a look at the American Blizz forums - it seems like a game master had deleted some invisible mails from an NPC that did not appear in the characters’ mailboxes. If that is what is required, please have a look at this issue, as it seems it does not take much time to resolve and would significantly improve the gaming experience.

Realm: Golemagg
Character Name: Megadudu

Thanks in advance.


This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic Games - - legacy games such as Diablo II (2000) and Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

World of Warcraft (both Retail and Classic) has its own forums here:… you might want to bookmark this for future reference.

I would suggest that you visit the Customer Support forum there… where you will find a few topics about this issue.

The next topic appears to be the main one – Blizzard merged several topics into that one:

Good luck with this.