Cheaters in Diablo Immortal

more and more is coming


ok… that’s sick… not that boting gives so much here with literal cap on everything except spends but still this is crazy

IKR this has to stop we’re wasting money and time

the point is that when they’re botting they don’t need to play after paying

on the contrary, with all the caps, when you are out of activitiy bonus after 20-25h playing every week, getting xp with bots in library is the best way to lvl up past those caps and the biggest boost they can actually get



please act very quickly and ban people, otherwise a lot of normal players will quit and the game will be populated by cancer people…

blizzard, are you here ???

Why do you even bother with this garbage game, it’s fun for a few days after it’s a joke. Uninstalled it after 12 days. Biggest waste of time of my life

This out of control 1 minte daily took 20 mintes becuse of the scabs