COD Cold War: ingame freeze and impossible repair, code BLZBNTAGT00000BB8


Since the update I have freezes in the zombie mode, often when we start a challenge, the game stop to run and I have this error: 887A005 (887A0006) (0xB93DEA6) D

So I’ve launch a repair in the laucher, but in the end I have this error code: BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 , and I can’t play the game anymore, only start the repair again and still have this error…

I’ve try disable my antivirus, delete the cache in ProgramData, reboot the computer… There is more than 1TB free on the installation drive, my graphic drivers are up to date, and my internet works. But still this error…

Do you have some solutions ? And am I the only one with this problem ? My friends had the freezes too after I left the game.



I have the same Problem

I have the same, can’t repair, or edit the install

Ok, so i’m not the only one… I’ve tried again yet, but always the same problem.
I’ll wait a little for a solution here or maybe an update (if I can install updates ?), but if it not work again in some time I’ll uninstall the game, I have enough of all these bugs…

i have the same… any one have a solution ?

I’m in italian server, the same problem, my game doesn’t go, freeze, i repair and the game show this error, pls help

same here… tried to open battle net as administrator and works for 2 games…

Thanks for the tip, but it don’t work on my computer, still the same error…

Edit: Well, I’ve try this solution and it seems to work (at least I can launch the game): search “Fix Warzone/Cold War Infinite Update/Scanning Loop |” from “TroubleChute” in youtube. I’ve delete everything in the folder exept the biggest files, and launch the update/repair.

Thanks to youtubers to solve game’s issues instead of devs…

i have the same since last week… any one have a solution ?

bende de zaman zaman oluyor. Oyunun data dizinindeki idx ve değeri 0 ve 1 olan data dosyalarını silip scan and repair yapıyorum. (Sıra numaralı dosyalar)

Lo mismo desde hace una semana.