(COD vanguard)Cheaters and bugs. Game is stil a beta version why?

COD vanguard is beta version why release it.

  1. Got many bugs when playing with friends dc/no skins and allot of crashes.
  2. Cheaters broke the game makes it in alot of games unplayable.
    3.Filter doesn’t work you ask for assault games and you get blitz ore any other game you don’t want.
  3. People already unlock all kinds of skins and makes exp bad.(skins that are normaly not even possible.)
    5.battle pass problem pre season my … next time just give a good one.(refund it…)

why not fix this in the beta plz explain the people why not???
and why make beta only playable for youtubers and people that pay extra money get people that wanna improve the game not only for promo side!.strong text