Cold War - Season 3 - Battle Pass / Repairing battle net problem

Hi there,

Yesterday i download season 3 patch for CW
Today when i logged in i tried to purchase battle pass but some kind of error showe up and it turned off my game.

I tried to scan/repair it by battlenet but at the end it’s showing me a message that repair was not succesfull…

Right now i can’t turn on my game it’s always scanning it and that’s it…

Any idea how to solve this?


got same problem with no fix just jumping on the post as need this fixed too grrrrr

If you gonna find a way to fix it please let me know. I’m still searching

any fixes yet ? im having the same problem cant figure it out

i got the same issue

I got same pblm comment for have reply

same problem here.

It occured after downloading about 65%.
Now i cannot continue the download without this scan.

same problem here, loggin disconected with error 2 time, so i tried scan and repair and now i’m stuck cicling on it.

I have the same issue i’ve tried deleting warzone and reinstalling doesn’t work…
When i click play its says runnning then after ten seconds it pops back to play :frowning:


Also have a similar problem.
In my case I did the update for season 3, but the game does not even start. It crashes immediately.
I try to do the instalation repair (with the antivirus and firewall disabled) and it stops at 42% showing this error (BLZBNTAGT00000BB8)

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did you find a fix i have same issue

been tryin to find a fix for 2 days and nothing i try works! keep me posted if you find the fix !

I can not play wz, I run the repair but error at the end … solutions ??? breakdowns ???

The funny thing is Activision shit on us all … How long it gonna take till they find out there is a problem ? Do they even look on this support page?

I currently uninstalled the whole thing and started downloading ( i’m at 50% due to bad transfer tho ) … If it will work i will let you know.

iv tried that twice and nothing good luck tho !

It’s not working for me either.
I guess we need to wait for some kind of patch or something

I just deleted comodo fire wall and it booted straight away.
im going to download a different firewall now.

Hi all,

So it sounds like there are a few different issues being reported here.

For help with getting stuck in a loop of unsuccessful repairs, check out the support article for this here:

For other specific errors, such as BLZBNTAGT00000BB8, try searching the support site for the error in question or check out this page for general steps:

If you’ve been able to successfully install and update the game but it crashes after hitting PLAY, Activision would have more relevant resources available over at:

same plroblem, i did what you said and it didn’t fix it.
any other solutions?

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I try method wich consist of delete .IDX file in the data folder.
But i still have same problème my game launchrepeat vérification of game files

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