Conduits - whats their use?

So im all down for new currencies and stuff in a new xpac, but can we please talk conduits 24hr gem cd for a second? as they seem absolutely pointless, they create no fun with their 24hr spawntime. The argument “Use another soulbind” is imo garbage… Why would i use another soulbind if it isnt ideal? ofc i would want the strongest option! Im pretty sure my raid team, m+ buddies and pvp mates would appreciate… So why? Whats the point with having this timer on conduits? they Serve no purpose and create no fun… no1 sits back and thinks "wauw omg it was so awesome that i had to sit here all day and not do nothing as i cant get uptimal dps etc (U try join a m+ with hunters, dks boomies etc and just be like a bit unfocused or not uptimal and u get erased of the dps meter if ur almost any other class…) so ofc i want optimal stuff and i cannot for the love of my life see whats the point with this 24hr cd on gems… Some bluepost guy, come here and enlighten me please (:slight_smile: