Crackdown - How to block it?

Is there a way to block ‘crank mode’ yet still enjoy the maps it is on and the game which did not suck before this was introduced. It makes the game even more cartoonish than moving spawns around to suit itself. For me, it makes the game so unreal, so ridiculous that it is unplayable. Must be awesome for bot users though, just line em up.

This game mode is my least favourite of any game. I like a little nuketown, but laugh at the old school switcheroo it does when one team is losing hopelessly and spawns players on you.

But crank mode is another level of cartoonish and I absolutely hate it even in a cartoonish fps. How do I make it so I never get a quickplay with this in future?

Answers most welcome.

BTW - Still have seperate logins with forums and the game. What is this? 2000?? At best.