D2R audit log/detailed activity export to appeal a ban on account

Hi, everyone!
I have received notification that my account was banned on 30 June 2022 due to “Exploitation” and I have asked for detailed audit trail, activity logging, and export of any player/interaction actions where my account was flagged. So far, Blizzard does not provide any evidence and my low geared 4 characters that barely make hell runs on Andy does not feel a violation to me.
Is it possible that a virus/malware could be a reason for some kind of detection? I have played some pirated games (non-Blizzard) and stored in my C:\Games folder where D2R also resides…
My account never run in any bots or map reveal activities, no addons, neither downloaded any other Blizzard software (except Battle net and D2R itself). Not willing to play any other Blizzard games either…
The only other bit we have is that our household static IP address which is used on 2 separate physical machines (desktop and laptop with 2 different Blizzard accounts, with 2 different D2R installations) where we play together (which is again rare occasion due to domestic/work engagements).
Can you please advise how I can request some kind of physical/remote access to my laptop and ask Blizzard to assess and analyze the device and some kind of deep analysis/forensic analysis in order to assess the laptop and appeal the ban?
Could it be malware or something? Anyone with similar case or issue, or experience?
I have asked Blizzard for full audit trail, detailed account and in-game logging, and some kind of evidence/proof that account was indeed used it some way that violates any particular policy.
So far, nothing as evidence/proof from Blizzard nor any understanding of the case.


As far as I know, Blizzard never provides details on the reasons for account penalties… all that you get is what you have already gotten in the e-mail.

If you believe that the ban of your account is an error, you can submit a ticket to appeal it; use this link and click on the Contact us button to start the process:

The Forum Code of Conduct does not allow discussion of disciplinary actions on the forum.

Good luck with this.

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Hi Boubou,
I am practically asking questions / seek expertise in regards:

  1. In case of possible malware/computer exploitation
  2. How to request evidence - audit trail, logging information
  3. If static IP for household violates any policy
    I am not sharing correspondence, neither personal details or something.