D2R. Too many server downs and too long downtime. Pay back my money. I will go back to D2 LoD

As the title says, there are so many problems with regard to Diablo 2 Resurrected operations. I want to go back to classic Diablo 2 Load of Destruction. Please give my money back. Thank you.


Yeah, it’s getting worse… the amount of money blizzard/activision gains is astronomical. The fact that there are this many issues means they need to clean house and employ people who know what they’re doing. We pay a lot of money for their games, and this was mostly nostalgia for me, and I enjoy it. But the server issues are ruining my fun. it’s a damn shame…


Try Paypal or bank charge back - goodluck

I bought a few new paint brush’s with my refund :smiley: dont buy another game buy something cool and fun

wtf welcome Back 1990
249 in queue
Really i make my Job so damit bad i got Fired next day.
And Blizzard your Noobs will be Fired ?