Demon hunter (unbalance)

-At the begging the demon hunter (DH) was awesome character in immortal. I used to use mainly crit chance (17% from items)…after one update was crit chance nerfed so my dmg went radicaly down…ok so I created new build with pants(+50%crit. chance for 1s after invisibility ends).

-After some time I found out about OP banner (long lasting 100%crit.chance) for crusader with his long range dammaging skills.
-And then about barbarian with long lasting crit chance, immortality and whirlwind with range almost as whole screen.
-Oh and unstopable monk. As soon as you see him, you get stuned (10s maybe) with whole squad. As DH is your only wish to get out with at least 5%hp.
MONK vs DH 1:0
-When it comes to necro…he can use just set for a lot of crit. chance with minions. He has a lot of stunning skills, some shields, shadow form (immortality) for escape with fear efect.
NECRO vs DH 1:0,5
-Mage was weaker, but now with freezing blast he is like OP sniper. Mage can move very quickly with teleport so he is not easy pray.
MAGE vs DH 1:0,5

-DH at least got fear helm(3s fear only) and multishot knock for defence. Other skills are usually low funcioning/small size. So when it comes to 1vs1 he need to kill fast with surprice attack or usually get killed when anything touches him.

BUGS: 1. DH jump sometimes do sound only but do nothing . Sometimes DH stops in middle of air.
2. Long last invisibility isnt working for party.

…and create the bomb as new skill please since it only destroy invisibility and recreate the legends…

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