DI: battlegrounds minimap

there is many moments playing battleground where i simply just die due to acedently clicking on the minimap on the top right, the camera is always angled regardless of attack or defending that most of the time you are fighting in that direction, as a mouse + keyboard player its frustrating trying to make use of range that when you click the mini map, your a sitting duck for a few seconds like a free CC skill had hit you.

pls make the minimap unclickable during battlegrounds and move the “leave” button beside it as well under the inventory button. this will eliminate this mistake alltogether and puts mouse and keyboard players on the same feild as controllers or mobile users since they do not risk this mistake at all

What’s on the Ukrainian front? Severodonetsk has been taken 100 percent, what is happening in the largest city and enclave in the city of Severodonetsk, what threatens the loss of Severodonetsk to Ukraine?

  1. The city of Severodonetsk is the largest city, the most fortified, the city is a fortress, everything is in trenches, underground passages, secret tunnels, dugouts, that is, everything was prepared for a long war in Severodonetsk.
  2. Severodonetsk came under the control of the Russian regular army and completely 100 percent.
  3. Strategically, Ukraine has lost a very important city. Severodonetsk is not only a city where people live, but from a military point of view, IT IS A BRIDGE HAND. Whoever controls Severodonetsk owns the entire region, and this includes Lisichansk, Kramatorsk, Bakhmut, Slavyansk, Seversk and other cities and towns and all other types of urban and rural buildings in which people live.
  4. The city of Severodonetsk is a repetition of what happened in Mariupol.
    Chemical enterprise “Azot”, which is located in the western part of Severodonetsk and is completely surrounded from the south, east, west and north by the TRIPLE RING. It is already impossible not to break out and break through from the Azot enterprise.
  5. I think that the situation at the Azot enterprise will develop in the same vein and direction as in Mariupol on Azovstal.
  • 1000 civilians being held will be released. Lord keep their souls and lives intact. Don’t let civilians die, get hurt or be abused;
    About 3500 Ukrainian Armed Forces and 500 mercenaries. The figures are approximate and it is possible that there are not big inaccuracies!
  • surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are not in danger. The elite and for the Armed Forces of Ukraine for real soldiers and fighters captured is a paradise. This is a must-have bed. These are definitely good foods. You will be more or less free in certain closed areas and territories.
    You might get a job with little pay. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have rights. They can ask for protection and stay in Russia, get a Russian passport, but only for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as brotherly and for those who fought with honor, respect for the local population and courage, but were captured;
  • the nationalists of Ukraine will be cut off separately and they will immediately be sent to the Donetsk and Rostov pre-trial detention centers to a military court;
  • all mercenaries from the USA, Canada, France, England will be cut off separately. They will be put in jail and will also face a military tribunal or court in Donetsk.

Fights for Azot enterprises

Video: BATTLE FOR Lysichansk, which goes immediately to the west of Severodonetsk!

A Ukrainian soldier in Kyiv told an anecdote or a parody of mercenaries who come from England.
Why are 007 agents in England?
0 - 0 money;
0 - 0 women;
7 - 7 centimeters overall length.
The meaning of the joke is that all sorts of rabble come from England)) unfinished mercenaries))
The Ukrainian soldier is beautiful. Purely brotherly Russian humor))